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Ms Ice Sandwich EPUB Download: A Charming and Unusual Tale of First Love and Sandwiches

Ms Ice Sandwich: A Quirky and Poignant Novella by Mieko Kawakami

If you are looking for a short but sweet read that will make you laugh, cry, and think, you might want to check out Ms Ice Sandwich, a novella by Mieko Kawakami. This book tells the story of a young boy's innocent crush on a sandwich vendor who has an unusual appearance. It is a witty, moving, and unsentimental tale about first love, loss, and new beginnings.

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What is Ms Ice Sandwich about?

Ms Ice Sandwich is narrated by an unnamed fourth-grade boy who is obsessed with a woman who sells sandwiches at his local supermarket. He calls her Ms Ice Sandwich because of her ice-blue eyelids, which he finds mesmerizing. He goes to the supermarket almost every day, just to see her face and buy an egg sandwich from her. He also draws her portrait endlessly in his notebook, trying to capture her beauty.

Who is Mieko Kawakami?

Mieko Kawakami is a Japanese writer and singer-songwriter who was born in Osaka in 1976. She started her career as a musician, releasing three albums and three singles. She then turned to literature in 2006, and won the prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 2007 for her novel Breasts and Eggs. She has since written several other books, including Heaven, The Night Belongs to Lovers, and Ms Ice Sandwich. She is known for her distinctive voice, her exploration of gender issues, and her portrayal of ordinary people.

Why should you read Ms Ice Sandwich?

Ms Ice Sandwich is a delightful novella that will charm you with its humor, warmth, and insight. It is a story that celebrates the power of imagination, the joy of friendship, and the importance of saying goodbye. It is also a story that challenges the stereotypes and prejudices that society imposes on people who are different. It is a story that will make you feel alive.

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Main Body

The narrator's obsession with Ms Ice Sandwich

How he discovers her at the supermarket

The narrator first sees Ms Ice Sandwich when he goes to the supermarket with his mother during the summer holidays. He is instantly drawn to her face, which he describes as "sharp and cool". He notices that she has "a thick layer of electric blue" on her eyelids, which makes them look like ice. He also admires her skill at sliding sandwiches into bags with one hand. He decides that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

How he draws her portrait and admires her features

The narrator becomes fascinated by Ms Ice Sandwich's face, and tries to capture it in his drawings. He uses different colors and techniques to express her mood and personality. He pays attention to every detail, from her eyebrows to her lips He also compares her face to various things, such as a knife, a bird, a flower, and a star. He thinks that she is mysterious and cool, and that she has a secret that he wants to know. He wonders what she thinks and feels, and what she does when she is not working at the supermarket.

How he deals with the gossip and bullying from his classmates

The narrator's obsession with Ms Ice Sandwich is not shared by his classmates, who think that she is weird and ugly. They mock him for liking her, and call her names like "Ms Ice Cream Sandwich" and "Ms Ice Monster". They also spread rumors about her, such as that she is a robot, a witch, or a man. They even try to sabotage his drawings by ripping them or drawing on them. The narrator is hurt and angry by their behavior, but he does not let them stop him from admiring Ms Ice Sandwich.

The narrator's relationships with his family and friends

His dying grandmother who listens to his heart

The narrator lives with his mother and his grandmother, who is bedridden and dying. His grandmother is the only person who understands his feelings for Ms Ice Sandwich. She asks him to put his ear on her chest and listen to her heart, and then she does the same for him. She tells him that his heart is beating fast because he likes someone, and that he should cherish that feeling. She also encourages him to talk to Ms Ice Sandwich and tell her how he feels.

His distant mother who tells fortunes and embezzles money

The narrator's mother is not very close to him or his grandmother. She works as a fortune-teller, but she also embezzles money from her clients. She does not care much about the narrator's school or hobbies, and she often scolds him for being lazy or messy. She also does not approve of his crush on Ms Ice Sandwich, and tells him to stop wasting his time on her. She thinks that Ms Ice Sandwich is a bad influence on him, and that he should focus on his studies instead.

His new friend Tutti who shares her love of movies with him

The narrator meets Tutti, a girl from his class, when they are both assigned to clean the classroom. Tutti is friendly and cheerful, and she likes to watch movies. She invites the narrator to go to the cinema with her, and they become friends. Tutti also likes Ms Ice Sandwich, but in a different way than the narrator. She thinks that Ms Ice Sandwich is cool and stylish, and that she looks like a movie star. She also wants to talk to Ms Ice Sandwich and ask her about her life.

The narrator's growth and transformation

How he learns to cope with loss and change

The narrator faces several challenges and changes in his life, such as the death of his grandmother, the disappearance of Ms Ice Sandwich, and the move of Tutti to another city. He feels sad and lonely, but he also learns to cope with his emotions. He realizes that nothing lasts forever, and that he has to let go of the past and move on with the present. He also learns to appreciate the memories and experiences that he had with the people he loved.

How he finds his voice and expresses his feelings

The narrator is shy and quiet, and he does not like to talk much. He prefers to express himself through his drawings or his actions. However, he also realizes that sometimes words are necessary to communicate with others. He learns to speak up for himself when he confronts his bullies at school, when he confesses his feelings to Ms Ice Sandwich, and when he says goodbye to Tutti. He also learns to write letters to express his thoughts and emotions.

How he embraces his own identity and authenticity

The narrator is different from other people in many ways, such as his appearance, his personality, his interests, and his preferences. He often feels insecure and isolated because of these differences. However, he also learns to embrace his own identity and authenticity. He realizes that being different is not a bad thing, but rather a source of strength and uniqueness. He decides to be himself, regardless of what others think or say about him.


Summary of the main points

Ms Ice Sandwich is a novella by Mieko Kawakami that tells the story of a young boy's crush on a sandwich vendor who has ice-blue eyelids. It is a humorous, touching, and realistic tale about first love, loss, and new beginnings. It is also a tale about the narrator's relationships with his family and friends, and his growth and transformation. It is a story that celebrates the power of imagination, the joy of friendship, and the importance of saying goodbye. It is also a story that challenges the stereotypes and prejudices that society imposes on people who are different.

Evaluation of the novella's strengths and weaknesses

Ms Ice Sandwich is a well-written novella that has many strengths. Some of them are: - The narrator's voice: The narrator has a distinctive and engaging voice that captures his innocence, curiosity, humor, and emotion. He uses simple but vivid language to describe his observations and feelings. He also uses metaphors and analogies to make comparisons and connections. He makes the reader empathize with him and his situation. - The characters: The characters are realistic and complex, each with their own personality, background, and motivation. They are not stereotypical or flat, but

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